Thigh Society: preventing the dreaded “chub rub”!

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In the past five years or so, I have gone from being an all-jeans girl to a dress-loving woman. I’ve found dresses SO much more comfortable than pants – especially during the summer. Louisiana summers, which start in mid-May and can roll through October, are ridiculously humid, sticky, and HOT. Dresses are much cooler and comfortable, and I feel more pulled together in a dress and sandals, even if I am sweating bullets.

However, the one major drawback to wearing dresses – which is why I stayed away from them for so many years – was thigh chafing, otherwise known as “chub rub”. This is not just a problem for fat ladies like myself – most women’s thighs touch, and constant rubbing together causes painful skin chafing and irritation. I remember one time in high school when I got it so bad that I was bleeding and raw. I never wore skirts without tights after that. Since becoming a dress convert, I’ve pretty much worn shapewear underneath them, which is fine, but in the dead of summer those extra layers – especially the close-fitting ones – make me feel like a big sweaty sausage.

So when Marnie at Thigh Society contacted me to try out their lightweight panty shorts, I jumped at the chance.


First off, these are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. The lightweight microfiber fabric is stretchy and don’t dig or pinch anything. I’ve worn these a few times now – with dressier dresses, to a BBQ outside in the July heat, and out shopping all day with Mom – and they are FABULOUS. Very comfortable, prevents the painful thigh rub, and doesn’t dig or pinch anywhere! Keep in mind – these are NOT designed to be shapewear, so if you are looking for something to hold in the tum, these won’t work! Thigh Society also offers sizing up to a 4XL, which is amazing!

The shorts also have this great feature in the gusset / crotch area. The gusset is lined in Sorbtek fabric, which pulls moisture away from your body 4 times faster than other fabrics!


– Ridiculously soft and light
– Plenty of fabric coverage on the leg, but still short enough for skirts
– No visible panty lines
– Flat seams – chafe resistant
– Waistband and leg bands won’t dig

Soft and Breathable Fabric:
– Black and beige available
– Gusset made of Sorbtek fabric that absorbs and evaporates moisture to keep you cool and dry
– Pre-shrunk and machine washable

So if you are looking for something comfortable to wear under skirts and dresses this summer, I HIGHLY recommend Thigh Society anti-chafing shorts!

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Trashy Diva – the review!

When you are looking for vintage-inspired fashion in the New Orleans area, the first thing most people tell you is to head over to Trashy Diva. I’ve been a huge fan of Trashy Diva’s clothing designs for years now, but sadly they never made above a size 14-16, so I was sized out of pretty much everything but jewelry and accessories.

Trashy Diva Dorothy dress and red headband

Back in March, I had the joy of having dinner with Holly from The Full Figured Chest and Ashe from Dramatis Personae! These stylish ladies are HUGE Trashy Diva fans. While talking about lingerie, clothing, and assorted other things, I mentioned my affection for Trashy Diva but that I was never able to wear anything from them since I was plus-sized – and they were both very quick to correct me. Ashe suggested that I try the Dorothy dress. It has a wide panel of smocking across the back, which means it can fit a wide range of sizes. Ashe mentioned that she tried it in a 14, but was able to go down to a 12 in it – which means it is REALLY free with sizing. A few weeks later, I had saved up some money and decided to reward myself. I’ve been on Weight Watchers for a couple of months now and I’ve finally dropped to my first goal tier I set for myself. My reward would be a brand-new Trashy Diva dress…and it just so happened that the Dorothy dress just became available in their new Big Polka print!

Mom and I headed to their Magazine Street shop a few weeks ago to check it out. If you want customer service, the ladies working there (I’m sorry I didn’t get their names!) were outstanding! Very sweet, and they know their dresses and styles – they even brought me a few more that they thought might work. Some didn’t, but that’s okay! I headed home with the Dorothy in the Big Polka, and I also picked up a cute little red bow headband from next door at their shoe / accessory shop.

Trashy Diva Dorothy dress in Big Polka

The smocked back makes the dress VERY comfortable. The sweetheart neckline is really nice, and has a really cute lace-up accent. One of the girls suggested untying it a bit if you felt like showing a little more. I tend to keep it tied when I wear it to work, and I wear a cropped Niki Biki cami underneath since it’s a bit see-through. The straps are adjustable, and they can be unbuttoned! This allows you to wear the dress three ways – over the shoulder, criss-crossed in the back, or tied around the neck as a halter. The waist is defined in the front with cream piping, and has a tie that goes around the back for extra waist definition. The skirt comes right below the knee on me, and has a cute little “flip” to the bottom, which gives it great movement. The only drawback – and they’re minor – is that the dress is dry clean only, and the fabric tends to wrinkle a little bit if you’re not careful when you sit. These are easily handled, though. I use a Dryel kit to clean it, and I just run a warm iron over the dress after that.

I’ve worn this dress a couple of times now – and I LOVE IT. I wore it at my last day at Bra Genie, and I even wore it for the filming of our Mother’s Day commercial at work! I’ve paired it with the red headband I purchased that day, along with red ballet flats from Old Navy. I would love to get some green or mustard yellow shoes to wear with it too – I think those colors would look really cute with the navy and creme dots.

I’ve definitely become a Trashy Diva convert! The styles that I’d recommend trying for plus sizes are the Dorothy and the Trixie, since they have great stretch panels. I’d encourage those who love vintage-inspired fashion to definitely check their styles out.

A brand new me, and a brand new!

Well hello there, dear readers! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? As you can see, things have changed a bit around here – and things have changed a bit for me as well.

The first major thing is that I am no longer working at Bra Genie. As much as I loved helping women by fitting them in the perfect bra, and as much as I adore my Bra Genie family, I felt that it was time for me to move to something else. I still love that place and will ALWAYS recommend it to everyone I know!

Enter 5 Stones Media! I am now working there doing SEO and Website Administration. I’ve only been there for a week, and I know it will take me time to learn everything (I have a tendency to want to dive in headfirst and want to know everything RIGHT NOW), but I’m really enjoying it and I’m looking forward to working with this great team! Working in website administration and learning about SEO has been something I’ve always wanted to do, and everything I’ve learned this week has already inspired me to “reboot” my little site and start working on it more. I’ll have more time to work on posts in the evenings and weekends, too.

There are some great changes coming down the path that I am looking forward to – and I hope you are too!