Photo post – what’s been going on!

I turned 35 on Valentine’s Day!

Apparently, this is what 35 looks like.  :)

The night of my birthday, Gizmo had a bit of a reaction to something. He had red irritated spots on his belly and…other places. We took him to the emergency vet, who took a look, prescribed a round of antibiotics and another medication, and suggested a few days with the Cone Of Shame. Poor little guy. He’s fine now, though!

Sad Gizmo with his collar.

Doug and I hosted a party for my birthday. I’ve been dying to play dress-up, so I suggested that everyone come in their steampunk finery. I decorated the house to go with it, and even had a “photo booth” set up in the corner of the livingroom.


Michael and Katie

My fabulous coworkers attended and got in on the steampunk action! I loved the fact that they came to my party AND dressed up!
The Bra Genie girls go steampunk!

My brother and I

Some “photo booth” shots:

Birthday photo booth

Birthday photo booth

Birthday photo booth

Birthday photo booth

Birthday photo booth

The Monday after my party, my brother and I went to see one of our favorite bands, VNV Nation, at Southport Hall. I even got to meet Mark and Ronan after the show.

VNV Nation at Southport Hall, 2/20/12

Me and Mark Jackson from VNV Nation

Me and Ronan Harris from VNV Nation

Other than that, my days have been spent working, fighting this cold/allergy mess, and generally doing the same old thing.

Doug and Gizmo playing.

It's a gorgeous Leap Day!

Oh, and working on my next steampunk outfit for CoastCon next weekend…

Newly modified goggles!

A little preview of my CoastCon ensemble.  Touched by the Kraken...

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