Layering time.

Winter has finally arrived here in Louisiana (although you wouldn’t know it from today’s temperatures – mid 70s and high humidity, ugh)! The past few weeks we had highs in the 50s or 60s and lows dipping in the 20s some nights. The day that I was able to head out to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, that morning was in the 30s. The three of us – myself, my brother, and his girlfriend Nicole – were all bundled up in jackets, scarves, sweaters, and gloves that day! Brr! (A forthcoming post on that visit later.)

Since I am normally so warm-natured, I don’t do well with layering unless it is REALLY cold. However, the only exception to the rule is my Niki Biki camis. I wear those year-round, since they are so lightweight.

 photo NBcollage_zps490e4439.jpg

At Bra Genie we sell Niki Biki camis in three lengths: long, regular, and cropped. My personal favorites are the long and cropped. The long is great if you are looking for that layered look, or want the cami to stay tucked into skirts or pants. It comes down to the bottom of the hip on me – and I could even stretch it to cover my butt if I wanted to! The cropped length comes just under the bust and is great for coverage in really low-cut dresses or shirts. The reason I love them is because they are not as warm as a full-length cami and so are great for summertime. I wore my cropped camis with my maxi dresses all summer!

OOTD 8/3/12
Red cropped cami

OOTD - 4/27/12
Coral long cami

OOTD - 7/23/12.
Green long cami

(These pictures are a bit old, but you get the idea.)

The fabric is seamless, very lightweight, and REALLY stretchy – I mean ridiculously stretchy. This means they will fit a very wide range of sizes, which is wonderful! However, you can expect them to be very clingy. I’m okay with this, considering that I use them as layering pieces. If you’re expecting to wear them as an outerwear piece, you might need to be on the smaller side of the size spectrum. The other thing I love about them is that the long camis come in a wide range of colors – I’m talking HUGE:

 photo NB_colors_zps6e811f80.jpg

Everything from neutrals to neons to jewel tones to pastels. Seriously, if you need any pop of color or anything to go under a sheer blouse, you can find it. Sadly, the cropped camis don’t have that wide of a color range – I wish they did though!

So if you’re looking for a great lightweight cami to layer under sweaters or sheer blouses all year long, I can’t recommend Niki Biki camis enough.

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