rule #1: never blog while on ambien

But, you know, here I am anyway. Loopy on my nightly little blue pill that helps me stay asleep rather than allow my brain to wake me up at 2:00 AM and leave me lying in bed trying to tell my thoughts to SHUT UP. I’m not even sure where this site is going to go. I just miss the old halcyon days of Greymatter vs Moveable Type. I don’t miss the drama of LiveJournal, no sirree. But I do miss online journaling. And this time, I don’t plan on leaving out the uglies.

Don’t get me wrong, I have fun, I enjoy doing things. But my mind is constantly battling many issues daily. I’m seeing a therapist regularly (on the good months, it’s once a month, but sometimes more), and I’m working with a 12 step program to help curb my issues with binge eating. Hell, writing this right now has me so on edge I’m about to go into the kitchen and eat something. I can’t though, today’s been a good day. First day abstinent. FIRST DAY. I tried before but this was the first time I was able to stick with it. Tomorrow’s another day with another set of hurdles but I’ll deal with that when it comes to that point.

For now, I’m rapidly sinking into sleepytime land. Good night all.

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